Start Your Own ATM Business

If you've ever considered starting your own ATM business, ATM Network can help! We have created an easy-to-implement business model that has helped hundreds of people start and operate their own successful ATM businesses. By owning ATMs, you put yourself in a position to earn thousands of dollars every month.
How it works
You buy ATMs and place them in retail locations such as gas stations, convenience stores, bars and nightclubs. You keep cash loaded in the machines, and every time a customer withdraws cash you collect the transaction fee, known as a “surcharge.” The average surcharge fee is around $2.88 nationally, but businesses like nightclubs and other high-end locations can range significantly more per transaction.
We work for you
The key to a successful ATM business is finding good locations. That's why ATM Network will assign an account manager to work with you. We can assist you in what to look for in finding a good site. When you find a site, we can call them on your behalf and estimate the potential success of the locations.

In addition to contacting and qualifying locations, your account manager will communicate with business owners and negotiate to get you the most favorable terms possible.

Free ATM program summary
  • Free shipping
  • Optional installation service
  • Free training
  • Free 24/7 customer support
  • Sign packages available
  • Free online monitoring
  • A personal account manager to take care of the details

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