Why choose ATM Network?

More than an ATM provider
We’re not interested in just being an ATM provider — we want to develop partnerships with our customers that will last over time. We know that if you buy an ATM and aren’t completely happy with your program, we won’t be successful. That’s why ATM Network is dedicated to offering the best ATM solutions and customer service in the industry.

When you contact us, we assign you a personal account manager who will ensure that you receive the personal attention you need. And because we are a Master Distributor for all of the leading ATM manufacturers, you get great pricing no matter what type of ATM machine you choose.

Nationwide coverage
ATM Network combines innovative ATM programs with aggressive pricing and the best customer service in the industry. We are a nationwide company that is registered with all the major ATM processing networks, including Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, Plus, Discover, Star, ATM Plus and American Express, among others.
Helping you find the right solution
Because our success is tied to your success, we will provide you with the best possible ATM solution. We constantly challenge ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of a rapidly changing industry. Whatever your situation, we’ll know exactly which product is right for your needs.
On-going support services
Anyone can sell you an ATM — it’s what happens after the sale that matters most. We don’t stop after you buy an ATM from us. We offer the best ongoing service support in the industry. With our 24/7 service center and trained site technicians, we can solve any problem you might encounter. For details, check out our business services and maintenance pages.
90-day Best Program Guarantee
We offer one of the most aggressive program guarantees in the industry: When you order an ATM from us, if you find a company offering the same program and level of service at a lower price within 90 days of the sale, we will refund you the difference.

With ATM Network you’ll know that you have received the best program for the best price.

Marketing support package
We include an extensive marketing package with every ATM. Depending on the type of location or merchant needs, marketing packages can include lighted window signs, banners, decals and metal pole signs.
Want proof?

In addition to partners like Sam’s Club, we have thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. Check out some of our customer testimonials and endorsements. We’re also listed on Dun & Bradstreet and have been a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau for more than 10 years. We currently have the BBB’s top rating: A+.

Buying an ATM machine

We know that buying an ATM machine can seem overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we pride ourselves in providing as much information and assistance as possible to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Getting started

Our first step is helping you determine what type of ATM will be the best fit for your location. A number of factors come into play, such as the size of your business, your hours of operation, the number of customers that come inside daily, what forms of payment you accept, etc. By answering these questions, we will be able to estimate the number of transactions your ATM will do per month and help you find the best ATM machine for that amount and kind of traffic.

Then what?

Complete an application packet to get pre-qualified. This includes banking information so that the cash customers withdraw can be automatically redeposited into your bank account each day.

Pick a location for the ATM that includes a power outlet and either a phone line or Internet connection. Most machines will take up about 2’ x 2’ of floor space. A high-speed Internet connection gives you the best reliability and fastest transaction times, while avoiding phone charges. If that’s not feasible then a dedicated phone line is the next best option. If necessary, though, the ATM can share a phone line with another device such as a fax machine.

Keep money in the ATM. Many customers think that they need to keep the ATM machine filled with cash. That’s not the case: many locations cans start out with as little as $500.

Put up the signs that we send you. We include a complete indoor/outdoor sign package with all of our machines. By advertising that you have an ATM in your business, you encourage people to use it.

Watch the results online. If you have Internet access, we can set you up with your own web page that will a llow you to view your ATM’s activity from anywhere in the world.

Deposit your surcharge check. We send you a monthly check for your share of the surcharge profits.

That’s it — we do the rest!


If you’ve got any questions about ATMs, feel free to contact us — we’ll assist you any way we can. Or browse our ATM gallery to see what’s available.