ATM profit calculator

To find out the value of adding an ATM in your establishment, enter your daily traffic count. You can also change the default surcharge if you like. Look at the bottom value to find out how much transaction revenue and increased spending you could see from your ATM.*

Transaction revenue

Daily traffic count: 

X 30

No. of customers per month: 

X 3%
Percent of customers who use ATM

No. of transactions per month: 

Surcharge: $

Profit from transactions: $

Increased spending

No. of transactions per month

X $60
average withdrawal

$ Dollars dispensed per month

X 20%
increased spending by ATM users

$ Increased sales dollars

X 10%
gross profit

$ Profit from increased spending

Total monthly profit from your ATM: $

*DISCLAIMER: The information above is meant as a hypothetical example only.
ATM Network makes no warranty or representation regarding projected revenue or expenses of operating an ATM.